True Stories

True Stories

True Stories of Disabled Veterans, in need

Our veterans desperately need financial help, but also physical, medical and emotional help. I receive countless emails from Disabled Veterans or their spouses pleading for help to have assistance caring for their Service Dogs. This crisis is in epidemic proportion. Feed the Dog, Inc. has only been able to provide assistance to a fraction of them, but would like to share a few examples, success stories and testimonials from those whom Feed the Dog, Inc. has helped so that our donors can get a sense of the real-life situations our Veterans are in across the Country.

True story: Service Dog, Dieter and Vietnam Veteran.

The first person that Feed the Dog, Inc. had the opportunity to support is a Vietnam Veteran. To the left, is a photo of his Service Dog, Dieter. Dieter was trained in Texas, and was placed with his Veteran suffering with paralysis in Maine. His primary support is mobility assistance, as his owner uses a wheelchair. To keep this dog healthy, he is on a very high quality food, and in order for him to do his job, he has the finest, custom mobility/balance harness, made in America. The harness allows Dieter to pull his Veteran securely and comfortably in the wheelchair, allowing them to go places by themselves. It also allows him to utilize the dog for leverage to get out of the wheelchair and sit on another surface. This component is wonderful because the Veteran can transfer himself from one place to another without the aid of a person to help. Below is a link demonstrating how they can go places together, just the two of them 🙂 There’s nothing like being independent! Dieter’s other function is to be approachable and engaging others so that his owner can talk to people around him.

A letter from Dieter’s owner: ​The veteran with Dieter was serving in Vietnam in 1970-1971. On the 23 of August… to read more, click on the button​ A letter from Dieter’s owner: ​The veteran with Dieter was serving in Vietnam in 1970-1971. On the 23 of August… to read more, click on the below button​

Needs going forward

Dieter needs his dog food, and his owner has financial difficulty and needs help paying for it. Feed the Dog, Inc. supported them for quite a while, but we need support to maintain this commitment. To sponsor them, email me or put “Dieter” on the memo line of your check.

True story:  Ranger 5 and Army Veteran

Ranger 5 is a Service Dog trained in Florida, and has placed in Maryland with his Army Veteran.
Ranger 5’s Veteran, a Green Beret was living in a VA homeless shelter for a while, then was able to get an apartment.  When Feed the Dog, Inc. first met with them, I asked what their issues were, and found out what they needed most.  This dog’s owner asked for support with dog grooming expenses and dog food.  Ranger had hot spots, and was very itchy.  His veterinarian prescribed allergy shots and a low quality prescription food.

​I suggested a change from that, to a premium brand, and we paid for his new choice, plus medicated shampooing at the groomers.  Eventually, Ranger’s itching stopped, his coat improved, and there was no more need for a veterinary exam to get an allergy shot or medicated shampoos.
The change to a premium brand dog food made the difference. In the end, we are spending less money, and Ranger 5 is looking great!  The Veteran is taking classes for a new career, and Ranger 5 gets to attend, and sits on his matt that we got for him with his name on it 🙂   He has a crash proof travel crate for the car, and our assistance with veterinary appointments.

Statement from Ranger’s Veteran:

​”Without the continued support from Feed the Dog for Ranger’s dog food, grooming, and monthly heartworm, tick, and flea preventative needs, Ranger’s health would suffer… meaning that I would suffer. The support I receive makes keeping Ranger with me as a service dog possible. Additionally, Feed the Dog has provided other needs in the form of a sturdy dog crate and crate pad for when it is necessary to travel with Ranger crated.”

Needs going forward

We purchase Ranger 5’s dog food every month, and need support to keep this going!   If you would like to support specifically to them, write “Ranger 5” on your check in the memo line, or click the PayPal button to donate any amount that will go towards his monthly dog food.

True story: Tex and Army Veteran in Florida

An Army Veteran with an increasingly debilitating condition which results in frequent and extended hospital stays having suffered exposure to chemicals and blasts from battling the world’s worst people, was about to receive his first Service Dog.  The training organization requires a fenced yard, and I didn’t have the $5,000 to purchase materials and pay for the labor, as this veteran was unable to do any of the work himself.   As soon as I said the words, “I can’t help you”, I knew there had to be another way, and I found it.

The Service Dog he was about to get was a golden retriever, specially trained in Florida for mobility assistance, as the veteran will soon be relying on a wheelchair more regularly as time goes on.
He needed to get everything a dog needs, and were dealing with one thing at a time.
I began making calls and submitting grant applications, and one came through:  The Home Depot Foundation.  Not only did they pay for the materials to construct the yard we priced out, but they tripled the size of the yard, plus installed it over two days with a big crew of Home Depot volunteers!
What’s more, is that this veterans wheelchair ramp was sitting on the ground, not attached to anything.  When the Team Depot leader saw that, they poured a cement foundation for it, and attached it to the house.  I am so proud of Home Depot! These projects plus the labor would have cost nearly $7,000 if hired out.  Now Tex and his owner can go outside directly from the house, down the ramp and do what they need to do in safety from the street… which may include a game of fetch.
This dog will help pull the wheelchair so he can go places on his own, and provide the means to change from seated to standing positions without the assistance of a person, as well as picking up items that are out of reach.

Tex’s owner has said about Feed the Dog, Inc.

Thank you Feed the Dog, Inc. and Connie for everything. When we first contacted you, we never expected the outpour of support and assistance. Today, Tex received a dog house, new crate, crate mat, travel water bowl, stainless steel bowl, Cool Mat III. Not to mention the K9ballistics Tuffbed and fence! Thank you to all of the donors as well. Without your donations these items could not have been obtained. I appreciate every single one of you!

“I have worked with a few organizations since getting injured in the military. I do however have to praise one in particular for helping my family with Tex. Without this organization, I am unsure if we would have been able to obtain the access to much needed support. So please, check out their website Facebook or Twitter.. On there you can see all the help that Feed the Dog, Inc. has provided us with getting ready for Tex. There are several projects that need donations for, including one for a mobility harness for Tex to help me transfer and stay more steady. Lately, I have been falling and/or my legs giving out. There is a mobility harness that would help Tex tremendously maintain my balance. So, please check out the site, if you are able to donate please do, if you do not want to or unable that is fine as well. I am just trying to spread awareness of an amazing organization that helps veterans with service animals.”

Needs going forward

Tex would like to keep eating his premium brand dog food, “Fromm” and we are trying to raise funds to purchase him the same mobility harness that Dieter has.  The cost is $700.  We have raised about $300 so far, and there is a CrowdRise funding page on the home page for donations.  His owner’s physical condition has been declining and is transitioning to a wheelchair.  We’d like to be ready with this harness so they can go places together.  Donate on PayPal or


Kona is a Service Dog that was trained in Texas, and has learned 50 specific commands to help her Marine Corps veteran that served in Afghanistan. He was severely wounded there, injuries being seizures, hearing loss, severe PTSD, Traumatic Brain Injury, memory loss, and knee complications.

Kona’s owner contacted Feed the Dog, Inc. because their dog had an injury and that ceased her ability to do her job.  The injury required surgery that their veterinarian estimated at $2,500 and they did not have pet insurance.  We contributed to the balance needed, enabling them to get the surgery scheduled, and after recovery, Kona is back caring for her Veteran.

If anyone would like to give them further support, I’m sure they would appreciate it. They live in Alabama.

Service Dog, Zelda helping a Purple Heart Veteran

Zelda is a Rhodesian Ridgeback.  She is a Service Dog who serves a Veteran that was awarded with the Purple Heart.
They live in Florida, and did not have a fenced yard to keep her safe from the street and wildlife.  Feed the Dog, Inc. received a grant from the Home Depot Foundation, and Zelda’s yard was installed May, 2017.  We purchased her a new bed from k9 Ballistics, which you can get a discount on their products using our coupon code located on our Go Shopping page.

Tank, a seizure alert trained Service Dog

Tank, a seizure alert trained Service Dog is asking for support to keep his dog food bowl full….Can you help him and other Service Dogs?
Average cost to feed a large breed quality food is $80 per month