American supporter, Skylar Rose, age 5 who likes Feed the Dog, Inc.

Skylar is sporting a Feed the Dog, Inc. tee shirt, and red, white and blue stars and stripes fingernails. Will she be too glamorous for kindergarten tomorrow or the envy of all the other girls? Stay tuned…. Will Skylar wear the headband? Hmmmmm……


What kind of dog food does the Service Dog get?

Answer:  Only the best.  If the dog is currently being fed an inferior brand of food, we discuss a list of premium brands, and the Veteran selects one to start.

Where does the dog food come from?

Answer:  Dog food is purchased either from the manufacturer directly and shipped, or from a local store.  Dog food is never  purchased from a discount outlet, or website offering premium brands at low cost.  Feed the Dog, Inc. does not have confidence in these venues and strives to deliver dog food from its best source to ensure it has maintained its quality and freshness.

How much of my donation goes to support the programs at Feed the Dog, Inc.?

Answer: Almost all of it!  Feed the Dog, Inc. is in business as a non-profit to support the Service Dogs that work to help our Veterans heal and be well.  Feed the Dog, Inc. has very limited expenses so an extraordinary 95% give or take, goes to the programs that support our mission.

Feed the Dog, Inc. is based in Massachusetts. Do Veterans need to live in MA to get support?

Answer: We are a national organization and Veterans can live anywhere in the United States.