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We support Disabled Veterans with high level injuries, that don’t have the resources to care for their Service Dogs. Click here for more information…


My name is Manny Rivera and I am a Retired US Marine. I earned the title United States Marine on the 10 of January 2003. From that date my new life as a Marine began. I deployed to Iraq on February of 2007. My MOS was 0431 Logistics Embarker but when I was in Iraq I volunteered to work with MP company in support of convoys. When I came back I picked up multiple MOS to help units deploy and redeploy. I had my first seizure on November 26 2012 and I got medically retired from the Marine Corps on May 1, 2014. Before I retired Tank was given to me to see if he would be able to help me and my family with my medical issues. Well it turns out to be that not only does he help me but he helps my family know when I’m having a seizure and where I am at by barking. There has been plenty of times that because of Tank my wife has had enough time to get to me, secure me and call for help. He had saved my life a lot of times by doing his job. Now it has gotten to the point that he will detect my seizures up to 5 minutes before it happens. Tank has been an asset to our family especially during flash backs that I get where he would get between myself and anyone else so that I can be safe. He has been there when I break down and cry cause of extremely bad depression and anxiety attacks. He is not only a service dog, he is a hero, a family member and most important my best friend. I could not imagine what my life would still be without him. I can’t even imagine not being with him. I am grateful that Connie Hellwig from Feed the Dog, inc came along to help us with Tanks medical issues and assist us with food for Tank during our financial distress. Thank you Connie for being our hero and helping Tank get better with his skin condition by supporting Tank with his medical bills and the food that he needs to stay healthy. Semper Fi

Cpl Rivera Manuel

USMC Retired

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Did you know that according to the U.S. Census Bureau and ACS, nearly one million American Veterans have a disability rating between 70-100%? Further, the number of Disabled Veterans living at or below the Federal Poverty line is at least 200,000. Within this group, many are unable to work, and simply do not have enough resources to provide for their Service Dog. Support us now, and let’s help a Disabled Veteran’s Service Dog excel at the job he was trained to do. Help the Dog, that Helps a Veteran!

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